Brockmoor Primary School


Little Explorers Gallery

We collected sticks in the forest and moved around the forest with the wheelbarrows.

We made mud pies in the mud kitchen.

We chased bubbles in the forest.

We added cereal to our tasty mud recipes.

We got very muddy wellies in the digging area.

We drew pictures using the chalk.

We had a tea party for the animals in the forest.

"Here I am!" 

Today, we found the bears hiding in the trees.  We made our own bear face using a wooden slice.

We painted our pictures on cling film

We made cheerio bird feeders. Our resident squirrel likes to eat them too!

We searched for mini-beasts under the logs.  We found earwigs, beetles, slugs and lots of ants.

We made marks using paint and feathers.

I enjoyed making lunch in the mud kitchen for Mrs Gutteridge.

The dinosaurs came to visit the forest today.  They tried to nibble our beans!

We used the spray bottles to create our pictures.

We made lunch in the mud kitchen with cucumber, cornflakes and mud.

We used the nets to catch the animals in our water tray.

The dinosaurs made footprints in the shaving foam.

It was a very wet and muddy day in Little Explorers today. We had very muddy wellies and faces!

I made porridge in the mud kitchen.

The speciality on the menu today is muddy porridge!


We used a hammer and leaves to make a butterfly picture on material.

We used the magnifying glasses and pots to find minibeasts.

We played with pasta in Little Explorers today. We added it to our recipes in the mud kitchen.

It was much easier to dig in the digging area today.  Yesterday, we had lots of rain!

Yeah, our first day back at Little Explorers after the Summer holidays. 

We painted and had lots of fun!

We made prints of the leaves in the saltdough.

We explored mud in forest school today. Our hands and faces got very muddy.

We used the spray bottles to make our pictures.

We held conker races with our friends.  The cars had a race too!

We practiced using the hammers today.

We used our new water play equipment today.  The water flowed down the gutters very quickly.