Brockmoor Primary School


Accelerated Reader

We all know the importance of reading and as such we have put much time and effort into developing both our reading curriculum and emphasising the importance of comprehending a wide range of texts. However, we wholeheartedly would encourage our children to read for pleasure. American poet Ishmael Reed said: 


“One of the joys of reading is the ability to plug into the shared wisdom of mankind.” 


So, whether this is done through fiction or non-fiction books, reading can help our children learn about different people, places and times and will help them start to question and understand the world around us. 


From today, your children will be issued their own personal school planner. The planner is a brilliant resource and will be used on a daily basis both in school and out. It is really important that the children bring their planner in with them every day along with their reading books. We will keep the planners in school until Friday and by then, they will be absolute pros at knowing how to use them.


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