Brockmoor Primary School


Moki Activity Tracking Wristband

We are very excited this week to provide each of our Year 5/6 children with a Moki Activity Tracking Wristband. The band provides a safe, simple and fun way for us to engage our children in being active both in and out of school. We are aiming to motivate our children to be even more active and to celebrate how active they already are. We have been able to use some of our PE Premium money we receive each year to buy these.

Each band stores 7 days’ worth of step movement. It also keeps a track of the amount of moderate to vigorous activity completed – activity where you get hot, sweaty and out of breath. The recommendation for children set out by the Chief Medical Officer is 60 minutes a day. The band does not show how many steps have been completed meaning your child won’t know (and therefore it won’t be a distraction!) However, we will share the average number of steps your child has completed with them on a regular basis.

The information is removed from the band by simply tapping it against one of the special band readers in your child’s classroom. The information is removed securely and this is the only way it can be done. This is a key feature of the bands.

Other important things to note are that it doesn’t need charging (each band has a battery which lasts about 8 months) and they are water resistant although shouldn’t be worn while swimming or in the bath!

We plan to set up challenges between classes, as well as ensuring we are providing enough activity to keep children healthy and active. The band is assigned specifically to your child and therefore should only be used by them. We will collect the bands back in in a couple of weeks time and they will be cleaned and then re-distributed for other year groups to enjoy.

Please ensure the band is looked after…they aren’t cheap! If you have any questions, please contact your child’s class teacher or visit