Brockmoor Primary School


RWI - Reading and Writing

Dear parents, 

A letter will be issued today that sums up all the information you need to know about supporting your children at home with phonics and how we teach it in school with our new scheme. 

How else can I develop my child’s language?   


Children will have a large vocabulary if they are part of a ‘talk-a-lot’ family:  

  • use every opportunity to talk with your child throughout the day – meal times, playing together, bath time  

  • use new and ambitious vocabulary e.g. miserable instead of sad, stroll instead of walk  

  • speak to your child in complete sentences  

  • make up stories together - there’s no need to write it down.  


Some people asked us what resources they can buy to support their child’s reading and writing at home?  


You can purchase the below from Amazon to support your child with blending at home:  


  • Set 1/2/3 flashcards  

  • My Reading and Writing Kit age 3-5 – Set 1 Speed Sounds and blending  

  • My Reading and Writing Kit ages 5-7 – Red Ditty books  

  • My Reading and Writing Kit ages 5-7- Set 2 Speed Sounds, Green and Purple Storybooks 


Phonics Week - to learn more about how to blend the sounds watch this short video: