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the magic of reading

Dear Parents, 

A letter will be issued Friday that sums up all the information we have published this week that you need to know about supporting your children at home with our new phonics scheme and how we teach it in schools. Today, for parents whose children are not yet reading for themselves we are asking: 

What do I do with the picture books?   


One of the most important things you can do as a parent at home is read to your child.   

Loving stories is important because children who love stories want to read stories for themselves. Children who read a lot become better readers.  


Here are some top tips for storytime:  


  1. make it a treat – introduce each new book with excitement  

  1. make it a special quiet time – cuddle up!  

  1. show curiosity in what you’re going to read  

  1. read the story once without stopping so they can enjoy the whole story. If you think your child might not understand something say something like ‘Oh I think what’s happening here is that…”  

  1. chat about the story e.g. I wonder why he did that? Oh no, I hope she’s not going to…  

  1. avoid asking questions to check what they remember  

  1. link to other stories and experiences you have shared e.g. this reminds me of…  

  1. read favourite stories over and over again – encourage your child to join with the bits they know. Avoid saying ‘not that story again!’  

  1. use different voices – be enthusiastic!  

  1. love the book – read with enjoyment.  


Message from Faye tbc. Perhaps we could  link to quote to say it doesn’t matter about starting points as understanding comes the more you read and talk about the fun of reading and exploring stories together?? 

“A fine writer will always make you feel that [you're right on the spot, watching the plot happen]. And don't worry about the bits you can't understand. Sit back and allow the words to wash around you, like music.” 
- Matilda 


Later in the day: 


Phonics Week - to learn more about how to blend the sounds watch this short video: