Brockmoor Primary School



Today,was a very windy day so we had to stay inside.  We planted beans and we hope that next week we will find a giant.

We got very muddy in the digging area.

We found sticks in the forest and used them to print blossom on the trees.

We planted cress in a cup and added a face. We hope it will have lots of cress hair!

We had lots of fun fishing with the very long branches that we found in our forest.  The high winds had blew them down over the weekend.

We listened to the story 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' and made playdough caterpillars.  They had stick legs and gravel eyes.

The rainy days are helping our willow den to grow.  We wind the branches around each other so that our den will get bigger and bigger.

Another day of tree climbing!

Brrrr, today was a cold and windy one!  We made windsocks and watched the dancing ribbons in the breeze.

Wow, blue skies today!  We made suncatchers using cd's. They reflected in the sunshine.