Brockmoor Primary School



We made a birthday cake with the thick oozy mud.  We shared it with our friends.

I found a spider hiding under the logs. My friends were a little bit scared of it!

We made butterflies using shapes.  We have lots of butterflies in our forest.

We pretended to chop the trees down so that the giant couldn't come and get us.

We made butterflies using pipettes and food colouring.

Today, we had parrots come to visit the pirates.

The pirates came to visit our forest to dig for treasure.

We found lots of mini-beasts hiding under the logs.  We looked closely at the slugs, woodlice and spiders.  We counted their legs but some of them didn't have any!!!!!

We followed the recipes in our mud kitchen.  I made sticky stew.

Today, we decided it was time to paint our house.

We painted bubble wrap. It was very tricky because it was very bumpy.

We made animal footprints in the playdough and experimented with patterns.

Today, we found dinosaur fossils and bones.  We looked at them closer by using the paintbrushes to brush them clean.

The animals joined us for lunch today.

We had runaway gingerbread people in our forest.  We put them in number order to make sure that we saved them all from the fox.

Do you like our giant gingerbread people?

We made bridges for the gingerbread people to escape from the hungry fox.

We made a forest using the playdough and natural resources.

I enjoyed making mud pies for the snails and worms in the forest.

We made tunnels and dens using the crates and the parachute.