Brockmoor Primary School



We planted beans and we are hoping that eventually we will have a huge beanstalk with a giant at the top.

We had lots of fun creating spring gardens using lavender.

We found lots of daffodils growing in our forest.  We made observational paintings of them.

We printed blossom on the trees using sticks that we found in our forest.

It was a very windy day so we stayed inside for forest school. We helped to make our new dominoes smooth by sanding them with sandpaper.

We talked about caterpillars in the forest.  We made our very own hungry caterpillars!

We printed caterpillars using cardboard tubes.  We almost forgot to paint the caterpillar some legs.

It was a very wet day in the forest today.  There were lots of puddles in our digging area. The mud was very thick and sticky. Our wellies got stuck!

Handa's village! In class we have been doing lots of activities about the story 'Handa's Surprise'

We made wind socks to take home.  Unfortunately, today was a very calm day so we ran around very fast to make our ribbons dance in the breeze.

The beans are beginning to grow so we planted them outside in our planters. Hopefully, in a few weeks time we will have lots of beans to eat.

Sunflowers everywhere!  Today, we planted sunflower seeds. We hope they will look like our sunflower pictures.