Brockmoor Primary School



This week we found out lots of facts about butterflies.  We used pipettes and coloured water to make our own butterflies.

There were lots of ladybirds in our forest today.  We made observational drawings of them.

Our beans are growing more each day. Today, we noticed that the slugs are munching on the leaves.

We made treasure maps to help the pirates find the hidden treasure.

We made 'wanted' posters.  We had to try and find the pirates to stop them stealing our treasures.

We made pirate hats and wrote a message in a bottle.  We hid our messages in the trees.

We collected natural resources from our forest.

We have seen lots of bumble bees in our forest.  We made our own bumble bees using potatoes.  We watched the bees drinking from our flowers in the forest.  We hope they are going to make lots of honey in their hives for us.

I used the wooden letter slices to build words.

We used the hand drill today to drill a hole in a wood slice.

We used the hand drill today! We made faces. Next week we are going to make a body, arms and legs.

I made a village for the ginger bread man to hide away from the fox.

There were lots of caterpillars in the forest today.  We gave them lots of leaves to eat.  Hopefully they will grow into beautiful butterflies!

We used a potato peeler to whittle sticks.  

We toasted marshmallows over the fire.  They made yummy smores!

We found lots of snails and slugs in the forest today!

Some of the snails were frothy.  We found out that this means that they are scared.