Brockmoor Primary School


School Values


We have high expectations for every child in our school.

Our bespoke ASPIRE curriculum is tailored to the needs of all of our pupils so they can reach their potential.


We aim for every child to have a sense of purpose and accomplishment.


We want every child to have determination to do well.

We know that success only comes after hard work and dedication. We teach our children that if you persevere then you have more chance of being successful.


We create opportunities so children can become independent.

We will be there to support every child, every step of the way, but we want them to have the skills to be independent when they leave us.


We come from a wide range of backgrounds, care for, and respect each other.

We celebrate our similarities and our differences. We are a registered UNICEF Right's Respecting School.


We only expect the very best in all that we do.  

We know that excellence is hard to accomplish, but it is what we strive to do.