Brockmoor Primary School


Specialist Nursery Unit

Brockmoor Specialist Nursery Unit


Who are we? 

We are a small, specialist group based at Brockmoor Primary School.  We are part of Dudley Specialist Early Years Service (SEYS) and provide education and care for pre-school (age 3-4) children with complex and special educational needs.  


We have a morning and an afternoon group, each consisting of up to 10 children who spend their pre-school nursery year with us.  The team consists of a Specialist Teacher In Charge, a Specialist Teacher and a team of Specialist Teaching Assistants. The team have a wealth of experience and expertise in supporting children with a range of genetic conditions, Autism, Sensory Processing Difficulties, Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties, complex and severe communication & social interaction needs. Our ratios are 1 adult to 2 children due to the high level of need of our children. 


Referral to BSN is strictly through the Specialist Early Years Service, following a detailed assessment of need from the Outreach team; anyone can refer to the service. 


Our Vision and Aims 


At Brockmoor Specialist Nursery we aim to; 

  • Provide the best individualised care and education in a nurturing environment 
  • Offer a safe, stimulating and resourceful learning environment inside and outside 
  • Take the necessary steps to safeguard and promote welfare of all children 
  • Gain an ongoing understanding of each child’s capabilities in order to plan for next steps, treating all children as individuals 
  • Provide each child with appropriate and challenging learning opportunities to enable them to succeed and reach their full potential 
  • To see and understand all behaviours as communication; promote and focus on positive relationships to help them feel safe and secure 
  • Celebrate the differences in children’s lifestyles and cultures and actively promote equality for all 
  • Enable our parents and children to have the opportunity to become part of the nursery and wider school community 
  • Invest in our staff by offering a range of opportunities for them to develop professionally and nurture their wellbeing 
  • Embrace partnership working holistically with families and professionals 


Our environment and activities evolve on a daily basis based on the children’s learning experiences, responses, communications and interests.  


We deliver the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum, adapted and differentiated, to meet the individual needs of the children.  The children take part in small group sessions, small group targeted intervention and individual work, whilst providing a structured yet play-based environment.  The emphasis is on providing a rich, stimulating and engaging environment that provides a range of experiences and activities to promote engagement, positive relationships, communication and self-regulation. 


Personal Progress Plans & Multi-Agency Working  


All our children have very individual needs and after an initial assessment period your child’s key worker will set personal progress targets across all areas of the curriculum to help them reach their full potential. Some children may benefit from some additional input from an Occupational Therapist or Physiotherapist who will set their own targets to work alongside ours. All our children will access Speech & Language Therapy support on a daily basis and a SaLT therapist will attend the nursery up to once a fortnight. We promote consistency and a constant dialogue between the nursery staff and other professionals and families to ensure a holistic approach.  This also includes looking ahead to full-time school and planning and assessment for an Education and Health Care Plan as needed. 


Key Worker  

Your child will be allocated a key worker; this person is responsible for communicating and building trusting relationships with the family to help reassure you as your child begins their journey with us. They will also be responsible for assessing and setting personal progress targets alongside an allocated teacher in addition to contributing to progress reports and completing your child’s learning journey. Whilst staff will be allocated to specific children it is essential that we work across all areas of the nursery with all children to promote positive relationships, communication and generalisation of skills. Through this approach, your children will develop the skills in gaining self-confidence and self-esteem in order to make choices and decisions for themselves. 


Total Communication Approach 

BSN promote a Total Communication Approach at all times. This means that not only is the environment resourceful in communication aids but also that all behaviour is understood as communication. Staff are tuned into individual responses including expression, sound and movement and always down at their level to ensure no attempt of communication is missed. 

Total Communication Approach; 

* Intensive Interaction * Photos & Symbols 

* Token Object Based Icons (TOBI’s) 

* Objects of Reference (OOR) 

* Makaton 

* Picture Exchange Communication (PECs) 


Specialist Early Years TEAM TEACH 

Training in positive behavioural support through a whole setting holistic approach. Team-Teach aim to safeguard people and services whilst helping to reduce risk, restraint and restriction. Team-Teach is designed to reduce reliance on physical interventions by expanding a toolbox of positive behavioural strategies. Amongst the key messages are: ‘I care enough about you not to let you be out of control.’ 


Parent testimonials;


"...just wanted to say thank was good to meet other parents and swop stories on our lives living with Autism."


"BSN staff are outstanding and I feel they love every child as their own. My son had a massive bond with all staff and their teaching has helped my son to start school. I would recommend them to anyone, I can’t thank them enough for all their hard work over the year with my son."


"BSN nursery is the warmest and friendliest environment we visited, the teachers were all very welcoming and understanding of my boy...they not only provided my boys with a safe, warm and lovely environment but me too..."


"I cannot speak highly enough of all the staff at BSN nursery and would highly recommend them to any parent, going to miss them loads."  


"I am so happy my son got a place at BSN, it has done nothing but help him to progress since the beginning.  All of the staff are always very professional and also friendly and go out of their way to help with anything they can."


"Hi, I wanted to let you know how amazing all the staff have been at BSN. My daughter is missing school and her routines and we have noticed how much being at BSN has massively helped her. If and when she is allowed to go back we would love her to return. All the staff have been amazing even when the children aren’t there. We have had constant support. Even when the children aren’t there they are still caring for them."


"During this uncertain time in lockdown, the staff at BSN have been fantastic. We have had regular contact via telephone calls to see if we’re ok and if there’s anything they can help with which I think is lovely & helps us, parents, to talk about any problems. 

We’ve had targets & packs of activities to try which has been great and I for one feel very supported by all the Staff at Brockmoor."


"...has improved in so many ways since he started attending Brockmoor and it’s all down to the dedication of all staff there for which I am very grateful for."


"Firstly, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the specialist teachers for all the support they have given ...he has strived tremendously both physically and academically over the months and I wholeheartedly appreciate the support he has been given during his time at Brockmoor Nursery."