Brockmoor Primary School


Year 2

Science Learning 

Week Two

Watch our caterpillars moving around!

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Our caterpillars have been busy eating their food and have grown over an inch long! We are having so much fun observing them each day. It will soon be time for them to be moved from their cups into the chrysalis station. 

Week Three

Over the last week, we have watched our caterpillars eat, spin, silk and grow. We observed them climb to the top of the cup and hang from the lid in a j shape. We did not disturb them for a couple of days as we patiently waited for them to safely harden into chrysalides. We have now moved them from their cup into the butterfly habitat. We assembled the chrysalis station, gently opened the cups and removed the lids with the chrysalides attached. We inserted the lids into the chrysalis station and placed them into the butterfly habitat. 


We cannot wait for the magical moment when our butterflies emerge! We are hoping this will happen before we break up for our half term holiday! Keep your eyes peeled for our next exciting update!

Week Four

As if by magic, on our last day of term, three of the butterflies in Class 2T emerged from their chrysalis. Both Year Two classes observed the release of the three butterflies outside on our school playground and what an amazing experience it was! 


As it is the end of the half term and there are still butterflies yet to emerge, Miss Taylor has taken home the remaining chrysalides from Class 2T and Mrs Duffin has taken home all of the chrysalides which are yet to emerge from Class 2L. We will be taking photos and videos throughout the week and will share updates with you via Seesaw so that you don't miss out! 

Butterfly Release!

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Observing Microhabitats 

We have been using simple equipment to closely observe microhabitats in the outdoor area and to look for evidence of how minibeasts behave and what they eat. We used magnifying glasses and microscopes.

NSPCC Number Day!

We had so much fun taking part in different number activities on NSPCC Number Day. We had a problem solving task where we worked in groups to work out the answers. We played different number based games to practical our addition and subtraction skills. We also went outside to collect natural materials and when we returned to the classroom we had a challenge of building numbers from these materials. 

Design and Technology

During our D&T lessons, we have been exploring and making structures that are strong, stiff and stable. We designed and made a chair for Baby Bear! Here are some examples of our final products. 

History Learning!

This term we have been learning about holidays from the recent past. 


We have enjoyed using secondary sources to find out information about what it was like to go on holiday in the 1950s.


As part of our research, we also created and shared a questionnaire with older members of our family to collect and collate further information about holidays from the past. Thank you to everyone who supported us by handing in their responses!


We have also talked about what holidays are like now. We considered factors such as travel, destination, duration of holidays, activities and souvenirs. Throughout our lessons, we have made comparisons and considered the similarities and differences between holidays from the past and at present.