Brockmoor Primary School


Commando Joe's


Explore our remarkable character education designed to provide a foundation for all children to thrive both inside and outside of school! Commando Joe's offers an exciting and broad learning journey that encourages resilience, empathy, self-awareness, positivity, excellence, communication, and teamwork.


Founded by former veteran and educator Mike Hamilton, Commando Joe's aims to personalise the character learning journey for every child, regardless of their background or needs. The program, created in collaboration with the Department for Education, supports pupils, parents, teachers, and schools nationwide in building essential life skills and fostering positive behaviour changes.


At our school, staff guide children through exciting topics based on incredible characters and their life stories, introducing significant heroes, heroines, explorers, and adventurers. Through these engaging lessons, children embark on exciting missions during lunchtimes and intervention.


RESPECT focuses on essential behaviour traits:

  • R - Resilience
  • E - Empathy
  • S - Self Awareness
  • P - Positivity
  • E - Excellence
  • C - Communication
  • T - Teamwork


Commando Joe's progressive programme spans from Early Years to Year 6, with a key goal of building our pupils' confidence. We believe that children with high self-esteem are better equipped to make difficult decisions, seek support from adults, and become self-sufficient learners. The program achieves this by developing resilience through team activities, challenges, and leadership roles. Children participate in new and unfamiliar activities, fostering a sense of adventure, increasing confidence, and building independence.


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