Brockmoor Primary School


School Day

School Day

Our school day starts at 8:40am and finishes at 3:10pm.

Including breaks and lunches our school week is 32.5 hours long.

There is also an optional breakfast club and a number of different after school clubs. (Dependent on the day)

Absence Reporting / Lates

If you child is absent from school please contact the office team on 01384 816635 to report this.


If your child is late for school please report to the main office.


You will be asked to locate your child on the Inventry signing-in system to record the reason for the late attendance. You can do this be selecting 'pupils', their year group, then class and finally their name by forename. 


School attendance matters.


There is strong evidence that attendance correlates with academic success, and poor attendance correlates with academic struggles. You cannot learn what you are not there to learn!


Pupils who attend school regularly improve their chances of being successful, not just academically but as they move from education into work. It is not just the skills and knowledge they learn that help with that success, but also the good habits they develop in school around regular attendance and being punctual, that translate into being valued employees or the entrepreneurs of the future.