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Parent/Carer Engagement

Parent Engagement

We host various parental sessions throughout the year. Our most popular ones are listed below. If you feel you would like to take part or even deliver a session, please get in touch via or call 01384 816635 and discuss with Mrs Duffin

First Aid

This session covers- 

resuscitation, recovery position, choking, bleeding and mental health

Mental Health Awareness

This session covers-

State behaviours that would trigger a conversation about mental health

Undertake a stress review

Know ways to communicate non –judgementally

Active listening

Ways to self-care

Ways to support someone with Mental health issues

Look at parental caring and emotional responses to a child with MH issues


It really is a course on how to support others than looking at your own MH.

Triple P

This session is a globally recognised parenting programme that takes between 8-10 weeks to complete. This session is led by qualified practitioners in supporting ways of adding structure, routine and positive ways to the family dynamics.


If there are specific sessions that you are interested in, please make contact withMrs Duffin to discuss. 


Please see the following website to look at further support for parents: