Brockmoor Primary School


Our Team

Senior Leadership Team (SLT)

Mr R Bond: Head Teacher

Mrs L Duffin: Deputy Head Teacher / SENCO and Deputy DSL

Mr T Amphlett: Deputy Head Teacher

Miss S Brooks: Assistant Head Teacher

Mrs T Parsons: Business Manager


Mrs L Duffin: Deputy Head Teacher /
SENCO and Deputy DSL


Mrs T Parsons: Business Manager


Designated Safeguarding Leads (DSL)

Mr R Bond: Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs L Duffin: Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Miss A Bevan: Additional DSL

Miss H Stanton: Additional DSL



Mrs L Duffin - Named SENCO

Mrs R Bond - Qualified Additional SENCO

Mrs E Senior - Qualified Additional SENCO


Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Team

Miss A Bevan: EYFS Lead


Nursery Team

Miss D Claridge: Nursery Teacher

Miss D Stanton: Nursery Unqualified Teacher

Miss J Walwyn: Nursery Teaching Assistant

Miss K Fairley: Nursery Teaching Assistant

Miss J Rehman: Nursery Teaching Assistant


Reception Team

Mrs A Bevan: Reception Teacher

Mrs L Lloyd: Reception Teacher

Miss K Hargreaves: Reception Teaching Assistant

Miss N Akhtar: Year 1 Teaching Assistant


The SETT Team

Mr C Atkins: Teacher

Miss M Evans: Teaching Assistant

Mrs A Khalid: Teaching Assistant

Miss C Smout: Teaching Assistant

Miss H Horton: Teaching Assistant

Mrs R Harris: Teaching Assistant and Speech and Language Lead

Mrs J Adams: Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Haydon: Teaching Assistant

Mr C Pinner: Teaching Assistant

Key Stage 1 (KS1) Team

Miss H Simmonds: Key Stage 1 Lead


Year 1 Team

Miss H Simmonds: Year 1 Teacher

Miss S Bamford: Year 1 Teacher

Miss S Bott: Year 1 Teaching Assistant


Year 2 Team

Miss R Gregory: Year 2 Teacher

Miss O Conway: Year 2 Teacher

Miss C Reynolds: Year 2 Teaching Assistant

Miss A Scotford: Year 2 Teaching Assistant


Key Stage 2 (KS2) Team

Miss S Brooks: Year 3 & 4 Lead

Mr T Amphlett: Year 5 & 6 Lead


Year 3 Team

Miss M Moore: Year 3 Teacher

Miss L Taylor: Year 3 Teacher

Mrs R Lakin: Year 3 Teaching Assistant

Mrs C Mohammed: Year 3 Teaching Assistant

Miss J Parkes: Year 4 Teaching Assistant


Year 4 Team

Miss J Ali: Year 4 Teacher

Miss S Brooks: Year 4 Teacher

Miss L Hyde: Year 4 Teacher

Mrs S Powles: Year 4 Teaching Assistant

Mrs J Morgan: Year 4 Teaching Assistant


Year 5 Team

Miss S Bytheway: Year 5 Teacher

Mrs V Washbrook: Year 5 Teacher

Mrs E Brown: Year 5 Teacher

Mrs S Msyk: Year 5 Teaching Assistant

Mr E Ashworth: Year 5 Teaching Assistant

Miss M Bibi: Year 5 Teaching Assistant


Year 6 Team

Mr T Amphlett: Year 6 Teacher

Mr L Johnson: Year 6 Teacher

Miss L Whitehouse: Year 6 Teacher

Miss S Snowden: Year 6 Teaching Assistant


Additional Teaching Staff

Mrs L Kendall: Teacher

Administration and Support Team


Administration and Non-Teaching Support Team

Mrs T Parsons: School Business Manager

Miss H Stanton: Office Manager

Mrs L Baker: Finance Assistant

Mrs R James: Secretary

Mr T Bond: IT Technician


Site and Cleaning Team

Mr M Whitehouse: Site Manager

Mr S Neale: Caretaker

Mrs A Hadlington: Cleaner

Mrs D Primer: Cleaner

Mrs E Brookes: Cleaner

Mrs J Westwood: Cleaner

Mrs K Empson: Cleaner

Mrs S Thompson: Cleaner

Mrs Y Fok: Cleaner


Sports Coach Staff

Miss M Wood: Sports Coach


Lunchtime Support Team

Miss A Kumar: Lunchtime Superintendent

Miss A Dalloway: Lunchtime Supervisor

Miss R Gennard: Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs S Thompson: Lunchtime Supervisor

Miss C Hunt: Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs V Tromans: Lunchtime Supervisor


Kitchen Team

Mrs R Morris: Catering Manager

Miss C Edwards: Catering Assistant

Mrs J Davies: Catering Assistant

Miss R Hayward: Catering Assistant

Staff - Declaration of Business Interests


NameJob RoleAny Other Relationship with the School under a Contract of Employment or a Contract for Goods or ServicesGovernorships / Directorships in Dudley Schools/Academies or in Schools/Academies in other AuthoritiesDeclaration of any relationship that any connected person has with the school under a contract of employment or contract for goods or services

J Adams

Teaching Assistant



Husband works for Halesowen Windows Ltd, who have quoted/completed work

S Bamford

Teaching Assistant



Family member works for G H Fencing who have undertaken work at school

R Bond



Chair of Dudley West Development Group



Assistant Head


Governor at Alder Coppice Primary School


L Kendall

Teaching Assistant



Partner S Neale employed as Caretaker

S Neale

Teaching Assistant



Partner L Kendall employed as Teaching Assistant

J Parsons

Casual Cleaner



Mother T Parsons employed as School Business Manager

T Parsons

School Business Manager


Sledmere Primary as part of Perry Hall MAT

Son J Parsons employed as Cleaner

H Stanton

Office Manager



Daughter D Stanton employed as Teaching Assistant

D Stanton

Teaching Assistant



Mother H Stanton employed as Office Manager

L Whitehouse




Step-father undertakes work here, employed externally as a sports coach.

M Whitehouse

Site Manager



Wife works for Morplan, school have procured goods from this company