Brockmoor Primary School


Student Cabinet


‘a system where people can change their rulers in a peaceful manner and the government is given the right to rule because the people say it may.’

 Prime Minister 
Chancellor of the ExchequerForeign SecretaryHome Secretary
Secretary of State for JusticeSecretary of State for DefenceSecretary of State for Education
Secretary of State for TransportSecretary of State for EnvironmentSecretary of State for Food and Rural Affairs
Secretary of State for Digital Culture and MediaSecretary of State for SportSecretary of State for Communities

Roles and Responsibilities of the Student Leadership Team


Prime Minister

The Prime Minister is the leader of the Pupil Government.

They lead the meetings and set the agenda. They will have meeting with the Headteacher and SLT.

They have to be good at leading and willing to speak publicly.


Chancellor of the Exchequer

The Chancellor has a budget to spend on improving the school.

They have to be good at maths and able to tell some people that not everything can be afforded.


Foreign Secretary

The Foreign Secretary will look at international partnerships with other schools.

There weekly job will be updating the school community about international news and events that will be of interest.


Home Secretary

The Home Secretary will work with staff to make sure homework is effective.

They will make sure that there isn’t too little, or too much homework and that it is worth while.


Secretary State for Justice

The Justice Minister will work to make sure that behaviour is good.

They will work with SLT to make sure the Behaviour Policy works and is fair to everyone.


Secretary State for Defence

The Defence Secretary leads the anti-bullying committee.

They will work to make sure that bullying is not tolerated and that children feel safe.


Secretary State for Education

The Education Secretary will work with SLT to make sure the curriculum is exciting, engaging and prepares children for secondary school.


Secretary State for Transport

The Transport Minister will work to try and increase the number of children walking or cycling to school.


Secretary State for Environment

The Environment Secretary will have two jobs. One will be to help improve the school environment (the building and how it looks) as well as trying to reduce our carbon footprint and improve recycling.


Secretary State for Food and Rural Affairs

The Secretary of State for Food and Rural affairs will lead a team on improving the quality of school lunches. They will also work to ensure that children understand about sustainable farming.


Secretary State for Digital Culture and Media

The Secretary of State for Digital Culture and Media will work with SLT to make sure that the school’s website is up to date and has plenty of information about learning in class.


Secretary State for Sport

The Sports Minister is the leader of the sports teams.

They will work with the PE Lead to improve competitions and make sure there are sports activities for pupils to engage with.


Secretary State for Communities

The Secretary for Communities will make sure our school is involved in local events.