Brockmoor Primary School


Welcome Message

It is an immense privilege to be the Headteacher of Brockmoor Primary School. My job is to give every child the life chances they deserve.


We know, as a Parent, how difficult it can be to decide where to send your son or daughter to school. It is one of the most important decisions you will make. We are deeply committed to ensuring that if you choose our school we do everything we can to ensure your child achieves their potential.


Our focus is children, ensuring every child who comes to our school experiences a positive and successful learning journey that prepares them for life after our school. We have consistently high expectations of our pupils and our staff are dedicated to ensuring they receive only the very best.


So much so we are in the Top 1% of Most Improved Schools in the country.



At Brockmoor Primary School we focus on delivering a tailored curriculum which provides a broad range of opportunities for our pupils as well as developing a depth of character around our ASPIRE values.



We have high expectations for every child in our school.


We aim for every child to have a sense of purpose and accomplishment.


We want every child to have determination to do well.


We create opportunities so children can become independent and self regulating.


We come from a wide range of backgrounds, care for, and respect each other.


We only expect the very best in all that we do.  


We are a fully comprehensive school and cater for children from a variety of backgrounds, religions, cultures, expecting all to be aspirational and to reach their potential. We are all proud to be part of our Brockmoor community and want to have a continued positive impact upon it.


A website can only offer a glimpse of what we have to offer. We warmly welcome you to visit our school, speak to our pupils and see what makes us unique.  


Russell Bond (Head Teacher)